Celebrating our 5 year Milestone – MMXXIII

It was a freezing January winter evening when 5 men stood up for a charter of the Iron Order in Saskatchewan Canada. It had been 18 months of grueling waiting and proving that we had earned our right to call ourselves brothers of the Iron Order Nation and receive our official charter on 17.12.2017.

Through the past 5 years, The Bone Crew has had its share of discovering those men that had proved themselves in all manners to proudly wear our patch and fly our colours. It was the growing pains years and we fondly called it “the shit show” as we plowed through fallow fields and got bogged down in the mud of managing and operating a club.

At the heart of it, we are a bunch of riders that love the open road, swapping stories and having a belly full of laughs. We honour those before us and those who will come after us by putting something back into the community to which we belong.

Join us on our rides for charity and support one or more worthy local causes in Saskatchewan. Last year, we donated over $1,500 to the Canadian Red Cross and we are looking forward to supporting the community even more in 2023.

The planet, humanity, and our communities mean a lot to us and we combine our love for the open road at every chance we get. Join us and discover a nation of brotherhood.


Our first milestone!

December 2017, Regina became the first Iron Order charter in Saskatchewan. Now, as we stand in 2023 celebrating 5 years of success, we continue to grow bigger and stronger. This past weekend we celebrated 5 years of brotherhood, with brothers and their maidens, family, friends and supporters from all over Canada.

Anniversaries are opportunities to recollect our year-gone memories and cherish them, and that we did along with making more. This past year along with the years before, have been outstanding and here’s to many more year of brotherhood in the IRON ORDER!

Written by: Jibba Jabba, Iron Maiden and Iron Reporter extraordinaire!